Sweaters for Paws

Keeping Puppies Warm

10 New Sweaters

These 10 sweaters will be heading to Aruba tomorrow! I had a blast making them!


Knit Sweaters

85 year old Judith has been making some gorgeous puppy sweaters! Here’s a sample of the ones she’s working on.

Crochet Sweaters

Cheryl has been working hard and has completed these 5 adorable puppy sweaters! Some lucky little puppies are going to get to wear these soon!

Four New Sweaters!

Four tiny puppy sweaters are all ready to go down to Aruba this weekend. I’ll be putting patches on future sweaters, but I just couldn’t make them work well enough (and on time) this time around!

Aruba Flag Sweater

Here’s just one of the many sweaters that Linda has made for New Life for Paws! This one is made to look like the Aruba flag. Isn’t it absolutely adorable?


Alfie – The Inspiration

This little guy was just 3 pounds when he was cleared for travel to the US. Since he was so tiny, there were no sweaters available to buy that would fit him. His foster mom’s friend came to the rescue and crocheted him a tiny little sweater!

New Life For Paws

You can learn more about New Life for Paws here:

New Life for Paws

To see puppies available for adoption, visit their Facebook page here:

New Life for Paws Facebook

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Welcome to the Sweaters for Paws blog! Here, we’ll be posting pictures and stories about some of the puppies who receive our sweaters. Right now, we are collecting sweaters to be sent to Aruba. Please start with the instructions page for specific information to get started!

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